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Drinks Industry

Company Profile: 

Operates three protein shake bars located outside gyms in Singapore

Challenges Faced

Director laments difficulty in recruiting retail staff even though it is a "simple job"

•High turnover of retail staff

•Candidates recruited are unsatisfactory and face difficulty in completing job scope

Findings by Accorrus 

1. Retail assistant role is easy but complex as staff are required to memorise complex protein benefits 

2. Misalignment of employee expectations such as maintaining a clean workstation versus driving sales 


3. Compensation & Benefits structure is too complex to drive employee action

Accorrus Solutions

Workflow Redesign to make existing job role SIMPLE & EASY

•This creates a larger talent pool for the company to tap on

•Develop Standard Operating Procedure guidelines for employee's reference to ensure accurate and efficient job performance

Staff Profiling: Determining desired key employee competencies

•Develop sample interview questions to effectively identify and select the ideal candidate best suited for the job opening

•Communicate realistic job expectations to potential employees from the onset to prevent turnover

•Implement employee feedback channels to track and ensure effectiveness of above initiatives

Realign KPIs for Sales Incentive & Employee Retention 

•Recommended reward & retention schemes and employee benefits to improve company's total rewards strategy, boosting company's overall attractiveness and competitiveness

Workflow Redesign

Develop Employee Selection Criteria

Realign KPIs & Rewards 

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