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Connect to Opportunities

Accorrus helps you build your business at every stage of growth. Through our overseas network, we offer you customised assistance refined from multitudinous past experiences with clients located globally across 30 different industries. We connect you with partners and distributors in your targeted overseas market. Our market specialist knows what it takes to help your firm realise your full potential in today’s global economy. 

Structure for Growth

Strategise Market Entry

Establish International Presence

Improve the market position

Structure for Growth

Whether you are venturing into new markets, services or product lines, understanding trends, market potential and the socio-political climate are key to the success of your business.

We recognize the challenges in making sense of the information available, often impeding organisation's pace in responding to the market opportunities.  Let us do the groundwork in the market for you.

Our in-market specialists will bring their breadth of experience and depth of expertise in every engagement with you.

Structure for Growth

Leveraging on our knowledge, skills and experiences, you can gain insights and access to resources that can help transform your business. We will work closely with you to drive revenue growth, redefine customer engagement or achieving cost efficiencies to prepare for overseas growth. 

Our Assistance - Operations Optimisation

  • Internal Processes

  • In Market Branding & Marketing Strategies

  • International Growth Plan  

Our Assistance - Market Feasibility

  • Entry Options

  • Sales Channel Development 

Strategise Your Market Entry

Validate and affirm your understanding of the opportunities and risks of penetrating into new markets. We will advise on the strategies you can deploy to turn challenges to your advantage.

Business Matching

Are you looking for new trade connections, investors, JV partner, or an acquisition? Accorrus delivers an in-depth business matching service to find the right connection. Built on the foundation of understanding your ideal match profile, product or service and then finding suitable sources to engage with.

Our Assistance - Business Matching

  • Partner Search

  • Direct Sales

  • Establish Company List

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • Export Partner

Our Assistance - Accelerate growth in Market

  • Sales Accelerator

  • Market Monitor

  • Merger & Acquisition 

Improve market position

Providing intelligence and analysis on the market, partners and critical stakeholders. Going beyond traditional standards, we will be there to guide you through as part of the pre- & post-transaction process.

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