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Expanding into Malaysia

Let us lay the groundwork for you

Learn more on expanding your business into Malaysia through our downloadable guide.

The topics covered are:

  • Key facts on Malaysia

  • Opportunities in key cities

  • Business entities and mode of entries

  • Business & personal taxation

  • Business formation and the regulatory environment

  • Economic regions in Malaysia

  • Business opportunities in Malaysia by sectors

  • Challenges faced in Malaysia

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Fact Sheet:

Population size: 32.385 Million (2018)

Geographical Size: 328,657km sq

GDP per annum: USD 314.5 billion (2017)

GDP growth per annum: 5.9% (2017)

Exchange rate: 1 SGD = 3.02 MYR (2019)

Sectors with the highest GDP(2018):

Services(56%), Manufacturing(23%) & Agriculture(8.2%)

Singapore exports to Malaysia: USD 39.58 billion (2017)

Singapore imports from Malaysia: USD 38.86 billion (2017)

Over the last 60 years, Malaysia has developed from an agricultural and commodity exporter to being an attractive gateway to Southeast Asia. 

Malaysia is one of ASEAN region's largest economy, with a GDP of USD314.5 billion (2017). Being an emerging market with a high potential for economic growth and a wide range of user segments to tap into, Malaysia remains as one of the key markets for business expansion. 


Businesses looking to venture into the Malaysian market can look forward to a wide variety of incentives covering many industry sectors in Malaysia. On top of that, the government's commitment to fiscal reforms has resulted in recent policy changes taking effect. This includes the re-introduction of the Sales & Services Tax to reduce overall taxes and the rolling out of the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP). 

For a comprehensive guide on Malaysia's economic outlook, download our complimentary Market Expansion into Malaysia Guide.

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