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Singapore employers like you want to know that they are accessing the best talent in the market, not just the best talent that happens to be looking for a job at the time they are hiring. Companies need a recruitment partner who understands the demand for and supply of talent across its domains.  They need a partner who understands how to leverage their brand in a competitive marketplace and can source active, passive and diverse candidates for their vacancies.  They need a partner who understands local employment law and regulations, ensuring your recruitment process is compliant while finding you the very best person for the job in the quickest time possible.

With Accorrus Recruitment & Onboarding solution, your HR team is able to focus on improving rather than managing existing business operations. We strive to create long-term partnerships that help our clients to improve hiring quality and brand awareness, while at the same time reducing cost of hiring, time to hire and organisational risks.


The right combination of expertise, processes and robust technology sets Accorrus apart from the rest of the Recruitment & Onboarding vendors.



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