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Your People.

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PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL. In any well-managed organizations, performance appraisal is one of the most critical & powerful tool that management has to channel the energy of every employee toward the achievement of strategic company objectives & goals.

As your trusted Performance Management Partner, Accorrus's experienced team of consultants will help you review your past performance results and diagnose problems, set clear performance goals and  employee expectations, ensure alignment of individual & departmental goals with company objectives, create tiered metrics for assessment, and employ performance monitoring and management.

A well-established & robust performance management & evaluation system provides the firm foundation necessary for you to achieve your vision and strategy.


Let us help you build this foundation.



We’re not just simply focused on “best practices". We’re focused on the right practices, ensuring that the toolkits, processes, techniques, and training that are provided are specifically right for the needs of your company.

This right combination of expertise, processes and robust technology sets Accorrus apart from the rest of the Performance Management Vendors.

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