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All companies applying for the Enhanced Work-Life Grant are required to adopt the Tripartite Standards on Flexible Work Arrangements.
As part of the guidelines under the Tripartite Standards on Flexible Work Arrangements, Supervisors are to undergo training on how to manage employees on Flexible Work Arrangements.
Enhanced Work-Life Grant Training Workshop
By the end of the Workshop organized by Accorrus International Pte Ltd,
participants will be trained on:
After the Workshop, companies may book a
complimentary 1-hour follow-up Consultation Session
with us so that we can address any queries you may have!
  • How to objectively evaluate employees’ applications for FWA based on the suitability of the FWA, considering the needs of the job and the employees 
  • How to set work expectations, manage and appraise employees on FWAs fairly based on work outcomes
  • How to complete the Enhanced Work-Life Grant WorkPro Application Form

Upcoming Training Dates

18 January 2019
$2,500 per pax

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