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FMCG Industry

Company Profile: 

Manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods from Personal Care Items to Margarine

Challenges Faced

•Poor work-life balance among employees due to rigid working hours

•Difficulty in appealing and recruiting talents as employer branding was weak 

•Low employee retention and high turnover rates which is very costly and highly disruptive to business operations

•High stress levels among employees due to long and inflexible working hours

Accorrus Solutions

Flexible Work Arrangements

•Provision of flexi-hours to better meet employees' work life needs

•Improves employer branding and aids in recruitment and the attracting of talent

•Increases employee retention by raising job satisfaction


Communication & Engagement Plan

•Develop communication methodology and plan to ensure effective programme roll out for all relevant employees

•Conduct HR briefing sessions to engage employees and clarify new work schedule and associated work arrangements to ensure understanding and compliance

HR Change Management

•Designed employee communication plan and communication pack to  ensure implemented HR changes are effectively communicated and complied with 

•Established feedback channels to ensure policy changes are effective and relevant in meeting the HR needs of the company

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