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Chemical Services Industry

Company Profile: 

Distribution and recycling of chemical products

Challenges Faced

•Lack HR expertise, particularly in the area of Employment Act & regulatory requirements

•Payroll was messy and difficult to track as there was no HR personnel in charge

•Unable to track employee turnover

•Total absence of measures to track employees’ performance

•High rate of medical claims and cumbersome manual claim processes, resulting in HR inefficiencies

•High employee resistance towards implementing organisational change

Accorrus Solutions

HR Regulatory

•Provision of advisory services on the Employment Act to ensure awareness and compliance with latest HR policies and employment terms

HR Information System

Implemented HRIS software for payroll & claims processing to eliminate manual administrative hassle

•HRIS system enables easy tracking of employee lifecycle, OT hours, annual leave, medical leave and  allows for direct automated medical claims from company appointed clinics

Performance Management System

•Developed criteria and methodology to track employee performance

•Implemented KPI setting to motivate and ensure performance

HR Change Management

•Designed communication plan and communication pack to  ensure organisational changes are effectively communicated 

•Established communication timeline and template for company's future use, thus ensuring effective communication even in the long run

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